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Gambling and Pay Per Head

Gambling and pay per head go hand-in-hand together.

In today’s guide, we’re going to explain what a pay per head (PPH) is and how it relates to gambling.

Essentially, if you want to open an online sportsbook today, you’re going to use a PPH. There are other white label options on the market, but they’re costly and you need a six-figure budget.

With a PPH provider, you can get started on a shoestring budget.

What Does a Pay Per Head Do for Bookies?

Pay per head sportsbook services perform just about everything for a bookie. Once you start using a pay per head, your main job will be to market your website and find new players to start actively betting.

What is a bookie in gambling? A pay per head bookie works on growing their betting sheet with new players, while allowing the PPH service to handle the technology, administration and support.

Here’s what a PPH will always provide:

  • Bookie Software: The most important piece of the puzzle - PPH bookie software will allow you to run a sportsbook, casino, poker and racebook all hosted on your own custom website.
  • Linemakers: With thousands of weekly betting markets, you’re going to need experts to keep your odds updated based on the flow of the market. Betting lines move quickly and a team is required to make sure you’re not pushing stale lines that’ll cost you money. Most bettors now are using professional picks services like to beat the books so extra attention should be paid to your lines.
  • Expertise: The top sportsbook software providers will have 24/7 bookie support. They have experienced reps to handle all of your requests and they’ll lend their expertise to guide you.
  • Mobile Capabilities: Your website will be designed to be mobile-accessible. Your players will be able to log-in to their accounts on a smartphone or tablet to place wagers 24/7.
  • Live Betting: Your sportsbook will be filled with betting markets, including live betting, which is all the rage right now. Make more money by offering in-play betting to your players.
  • Bookie Reports: You need to always investigate the financials of your business. PPH services make this simple by offering dozens of reports that can be viewed in real-time. Want to view a bet ticket or how much exposure you have on a market? You can through the reports.

PPH services make it possible for anyone to launch an online bookie.

They do all of this without charging bookies much either. You only need to start with one player. The way PPH fees work is the bookie pays a weekly fee per player. Typically, new bookmakers will only pay $10/player each week. You get a complete turnkey solution for just $10/head, it’s an incredible value.

A1 Pay Per Head

You’ve likely come across the term “pay per head” on gambling websites and now you know what the services offer. If you’re interested in starting a gambling site, you need to use a PPH like A1 PPH.

If you have some players ready to bet, A1 PPH will handle all of the technical details, while you worry about building your betting sheet and handling the cash (deposits and withdrawals).

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