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Finding the Best Free Winning Sports Picks

Are free sports picks part of your betting strategy?

Key Points

- Finding free picks isn’t all that hard, but look into a handicapper’s background and records to find the best free picks.

- Keep in mind that not all free picks are created equally.

Sports betting is all the rage and continues to grow in popularity. Whether you are a big per unit bettor or just a small stakes guy, you still want to win more than you lose.

Like most sports bettors, you don’t wager on games for a living. There are some, however, that bet on sports professionally. They also often sell their picks to others in the market as another income stream.

Because of the competition in the market, sports handicappers and handicapping services will offer free picks in an attempt to acquire new full-time customers. Smarter bettors can find and use these free picks to their advantage.

How to Find Free Sports Picks

One of the easiest ways to find free sports picks is to simply search for them via the internet. Plus in “free sports betting picks” into your favorite web browser and you will get many pages of responses.

There are plenty of free picks out there. You may also be able to find some via your sportsbook account. Sportsbooks may have deals with certain handicappers or handicapping services and provide links to sports picks.

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All Free Picks Aren’t Equal

While there is no shortage of free sports picks, not all free picks are created equal. You probably want to find out a little bit more about a certain professional sports handicapper before using his free picks. The best in the business will be transparent about wins and losses.

Despite the fact that you aren’t actually paying for the picks, you still want to deal with a trusted and reputable handicapper. The more transparent a handicapper is, the more you can trust that his record is actually legitimate.

Remember also that each handicapper may be different. One may specialize in NFL football while another focuses primarily on golf.

No Free Lunches With Sports Picks

There is a saying that there is no such thing as a free lunch. The idea is that nothing is really free. Keep that in mind when choosing free sports picks.

Handicappers ultimately want you to pay for at least some picks. They aren’t going to give away free picks for every single event that they wager on.

Despite that, you should still be able to find quality free picks on a wide variety of games and events on a daily basis. Action Sports Picks has a great variety of free and premium picks.

All picks, whether free or not, can save you hours of research on making a betting decision. Bettors can use a free pick along with any research they have done and come up with a better decision than they could on their own.

In today’s competitive sports betting market, there is tons of competition not only among sportsbooks, but also among handicappers. They want your business and in an effort to gain it, they flood the market with free picks on a daily basis. Do your homework and find the best of these and use them to your advantage.