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How to Find the Top Pay Per Head Services

Pay Per Head

You may have the idea that finding a great pay per head service is difficult. We are here to tell you that this is not true, however, you must know what you are looking for. You can find a top of the line pay per head service if you conduct some research and take some great advice. We have some for you and we hope you will listen. There is simply no excuse to not be earning a six-figure income as a bookie, YES, even during COVID 19! You can be, and you should be earning great money. Here is how you can be…

  • To find a bookie that serves your needs, you must first evaluate what your needs as a bookie are. Forget about how many clients you have or don’t have. The number is not important. What you must think about is what a bookie does for the clients they have.

  • What do bookies do? If you have been a bookie on any level, then you know how difficult the job can be. Most people have no idea what the bookie business consists of. You will need to set daily lines and odds for all of your daily side bets along with totals, futures, props, live lines, dynamic lines, lotto, politics, and more. Possibly you are an experienced line mover or odds make but the reality is, you are most likely not. A pay per head - sets all of this for you and they organize the daily sporting events onto a clean website with easy to read, and smooth lines. You do nothing. All you need to do is secure the deposit from your clients, credit their player's account, and let them do the rest.

  • You will have on-demand access to player and financial reports that keep you in touch with your player's movement. The reports let you know exactly where each dollar was spent, when it came in and when it went out. Now, you have time to manage your players.

    Players are getting smarter and smarter everyday using pick services like so it is important to use a pay per head service with tight lines.

  • There are tons of pay per head services online and it can be confusing knowing which one to choose. You may have already chosen one that you are not happy with. This happens and everyone “lives and learns”. The good news, you can change to a great PPH with no hassle and you can have your players integrated for free.

  • The best PPH providers will offer you a free trial and they will not charge you for sports that don’t exist during the CV-19 shutdown. There are very few sports for players to bet on at this time, however, this won’t last forever. No matter how long it does last, there are many other options for earning a great income through the use of a pay per head.

  • The casino… You must offer one and you can free of charge. Here is the key. Find the beat PPH for the fairest price and they will offer all of the bells and whistles.

  • Your PPH must offer a custom-built website for free of charge. Many do not offer this and finding your way around the fray can be confusing to say the least. Don’t settle! You want free. You certainly don’t want to go this alone or pay huge money for something that appeals to an inhouse client base. Remember this: Your focus should be on keeping the clients that you have, not spending money on marketing. Keep your clients happy and they will make you happy.

  • The local bookie's job is never easy but now it can be much easier with a pay per head. There is no trick here and no confusion. The PPH is “the online” website. They build it and maintain it for around $7-$10 per head, per week. Your client can place unlimited wagers and all you pay is around $7 per head. By setting a minimum wager amount, you can kill the fee.

Some of the best pay per head bookies can be found at Techtimes, Scoresandstats, RDGcorp and

Call a fantastic PPH today and get started for free of charge. If you like the service keep it, if not… then you gave it a try and no harm, no foul. Change your life with a great PPH. Start earning what you are worth.

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