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Editorial on Gambling and Betting in the USA

What seemed impossible for many years, and was the reason for many, many bookies and agents getting in trouble with the law, is finally happening, the United States is slowly, but consistently, making sports betting legal, and this has many implications for all parts involved.

It hasn’t been easy, it’s been a fight for many years, but as of today, 18 states are licensed to have commercial casinos, while 30 already offer legalized betting of any kind. It’s important to know that this is not a country wide measure so far, as we’re saying, it’s by states, and it’s important, if you are a bookie or a player, that you’re well aware of which states allow sports betting right now, so that you won’t get in any kind of trouble.

Is making sports betting legal in the USA a good thing or a bad thing?

There are many ways of looking at this, and some people think it’s a good thing to finally getting this out in the open, while there are others that don’t agree, and wish it would just stay the same.

The first thing that comes to mind, of course, is the economic part of this, as making gambling legal would of course, require for sportsbooks to pay taxes to the Federal Government. As in any other business, owners and clients worry that this could make services more expensive, and that in essence, sports betting would just change, and it won’t be the same.

On the other hand, the fact of making it legal also takes a little bit of the edge off, the risk makes it fun, and it being out in the open could have a negative effect on some players, that just rather stay in anonymity.

With everything opening back up again, it’s an exciting but daunting time as we move into a new normal. Sports fans everywhere are raring to go and get back into arenas in the safest way possible. But, if you’re feeling a bit apprehensive to be in crowds again, you can always spend a bit more time online on sites like OlyBet Sports.

On the good side of it, making things legal is just the right thing to do always, and regulating sports betting will finally make things right. Many bookmakers over the years have fought for this opportunity to just be able to work, relax, and pay their taxes, just like any other American.

We have seen some changes already, advertising is now open for sportsbooks and casinos in those states, sportsbooks are also now able to sponsor teams and leagues, the whole thing is just out there, and anyone can enjoy.

Plus, by regulating gambling you not only make it legal and pay taxes, but there are many more compliance issues to consider, like making sure it’s only advertised for legal adults, responsible gaming policies, and a few more things that just try to make sure to tell that sports betting is supposed to be a fun hobby, and not any kind of addiction. In fact, sportsbooks are now even trying to prevent and help people who might feel like they’re addicted to gambling, as it is not the way to look at it.

Making sports betting legal is a tendency in America right now, but also in many other regions of the world. As sports fans and betting fans, let’s just hope that, whatever happens, it just maximizes our overall betting experience, and we can start seeing the benefits soon. Here at we’re on top of the subject, and ready to adjust whenever needed, and to be able to offer you and your players the platform and services you deserve.