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Customizations are the name of the Game

Real Bookies

When building an online sportsbook you must have flexibility form the provider and you want it affordable. Now you have this option, all odds below can be customized accordingly through the use of a pay per head firm like


  • We are in the thick of it, the busy season is here and there couldn’t be a better time than now to start earning a great income. The football season is the best season. Listen – let’s be honest. Football is the most loved sports to bet on and there is only one reasonable guess as to why it’s an exciting sport and bettors think they can beat the bookie. They can’t beat the bookie. Oh sure, they will beat you from time to time, this is the nature of the betting business and most certainly why it’s called a gamble, but in the long run, the house is going to win the vast majority of the time.
  • You must work with a pay per head that is willing to let you the bookie customize your lines and odds. You must offer the best when it comes to sharp lines. Your clients look for sharp lines and they want to see them, or they will go elsewhere.
  • You must also draw a balance. You certainly don’t want your teeth kicked in. The way you keep this from happening is to weed out the “wise guys”. You want their action to an extent, but on the other hand, you must appeal to the masses. This means customizing your lines and odds with a balance that suits every bettor.
  • Many PPH providers do not allow for changing the odds or if they do, it’s always a lengthy process. Don’t be saddled with this nonsense. Your PPH should be one that’s easy to work with and one that offers an 800 number that can be reached day or night. You want a provider that offers a personal touch with live agents that speak English.
  • Players lose big during the football season and you had better take advantage of this now. Players want in and they are looking for an online bookie that works. Make it work for them.
  • Gamble with your players. If they want reverse action, offer it, if they want elevated odds, offer them. You can’t offer options unless your players can go online, log in to their accounts and find it on your online sportsbook.


  • We are at the close of the baseball season however, don’t be fooled now is the busy time for baseball as well. The MLB playoffs are just as important to players as the NFL or the NCAA. For this reason, you must have the ability to change lines and odds whenever the notion strikes you. You are in this bookie game to win, not give all of your money away. Baseball is lucrative if you set the odds correctly. The PPH usually set the best odds along with industry standards but on occasion, there will be times when you feel you need to move lines. Now you can do so and save yourself big losses.
  • Baseball players are good at what they do, and you must be sharp as well. Never take for granted that because the money is rolling, you are getting rich. You could be going broke if the lines and odds are wrong

Get Help:

  • The PPH is your best friend when it comes to setting lines and odds, they literally do all of the work for you and you do nothing. You can rely on their odds as being true and accurate. Without a PPH you have no online presence, and you do not have the ability to maintain clients.
  • Your clients want to gamble at their leisure, not on your time. You want this as well. Who wants to place bets for some clients at 3:00 AM?
  • The PPH does everything for you. They are the oddsmakers, they are your personal accountant and they keep track of every player, every bet and you can see the on-demand reports.

Give a call today and ask them how they can customize an online sportsbook for you and your clients. Ask for a free trial with no obligation and turn this season around.

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