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Choosing your Pay Per Head service guide

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If you’re looking for a good Price per Head service provider already, it means you’re on the right track. The thing now is to find the right one, the one that suits your needs, that fits your players' profiles, that can give you everything you´re looking for, for the best service at the best possible price.

There are several different pay per head providers out there, and even though Price per Head as a whole has very high standards for product, service and price, there are some things you can always look out for, to make sure you get the highest value for what you’re paying for.

What do I need to look out for when choosing a PPH service?

At a first glance, you’re looking for a PPH service that has been around for some time, not because all new services are bad, but because experience counts, and providers like, for example, have been in this business for decades already, learning and adapting every day, going through trial and error, creating new software and applying all this knowledge to new and better tools that can make your experience as a bookie, and your players experience a lot better.

We have been through many things already, we have learned along the way and now we’re truly ready to give you a hand, we have some of the best people in this industry and we’re here to help you be the best bookie you can be, with the best tools and the right personnel to handle your operation.

Cheapest is not always better, PPH is all about quality

Some will try to do everything possible for you to choose them, even go to lower fees than they should or that is even possible to run a successful business. It’s true that Price per Head is all about being affordable and lowering your constant investment, but don’t be fooled, an average Price per Head weekly fee can be from around $7 to $10, and this is what you’re looking for.

Here at we go as low as $7 per head, depending on the number of players you have, and the number of services and products you need, but doing $8 or $10 is still a lot cheaper than anything you would be paying if you do this on your own. It’s all about being fair, charging the right price and making sure that everyone gets what they need to be able to offer the best possible online betting experience.

Look for variety of lines and products as well

Remember, being a bookie right now implies lots of diversity, sports bettors are not just looking for major American sports, they are looking for stuff to bet on every day of the year, they want all major soccer leagues, Rugby events in Europe, cricket matches, tennis tournaments and UFC fights, to mention just a few. They are also looking for casino games, horse racing, virtual sports and much more. Yoursportsbook operation needs to be able to offer those and your PPH provider must be able to provide them for you, with solid lines and trustable, easy to use platforms.

Do you want to know more about all this? Give us a call today and let’s talk about your needs and how we can help you solve them!