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Can a Pay Per Head Cut Your Losses as a Bookie?

Real Bookies

For all of you bookies that have not yet made the plunge to the online world, we have the skinny as to why you should definitely get your feet wet. One thing we know for certain, the pay per head can cut losses and they can do a whole lot more in your pursuit of a fantastic annual income. If you love your job as a bookie but are tired of the rat race, tired of the non-stop daily tasks, and tired of not earning what you should be, then it’s time to make some changes in your life and start working smart.

  • The very nature of the bookie business involves loss. If you think otherwise then think again right now. There will be many moments of bliss and riding high on big wins, then there will absolutely be the downtimes. You may have traded in your gambling hat for the bookie's hat but don’t be fooled, you are still gambling. Every time that you take that phone call from a client and they are all geeked up about a game and want in – you’re gambling. You may win that bet, and you may lose to your client. The betting public comes loaded with more information than ever before and they have it at their fingertips. Today’s bettors are smart bettors and they can beat you. What you must do is position yourself in the best manner for combatting the smart gambler.

  • The pay per head industry at large has established themselves as not just the best way in which to take your business online, but the only affordable way. For around $7-$10 per head, per week (per active player, at least one wager), you can be operating your very own online sportsbook within a day or two.

  • The PPH industry has made the process quick and easy. They custom-build your online bookie site, and they offer a world-class racebook as well as a Las Vegas-style casino. They do all of the site-building, they do all of the programming and they do all of the work. You literally do close to nothing. What you do is tell the PPH how you want your site to look and what you expect to offer in the way of sporting events, and they set it up and manage your business on a daily basis. They even accept wagers on the website, as well as offer an 800 number that your clients can call to phone in their bets. Your work is done for you.

  • What you must focus on is the player activity as well as financial reports and budgeting. The PPH offers on-demand reports for free. You will have the ability to view and print all of your player's activity as well as the financial reports that show where every dollar was spent and when every dollar came in.

  • The PPH is the best way to cut losses for the simple fact that you never have to run around like a chicken with its head cut off! Now, you have the ability to track player movements and you know when and where to set limits and you have a much better understanding of where your money is really going. Now you can budget without guessing.

  • Street bookies take big losses simply because they are usually unorganized. The lack of “organization” is a bookie killer. You must know where every dollar is at all times and where every dollar is being paid out at all times. Now you can know with the help of a fantastic pay per head.

The PPH sets all of the daily events and organizes them on a state of the art platform that’s second to none industry-wide. They also set the lines and odds. This is a huge time saver for you. They leave you in control and with the ability to change any odds you want to change but the hard part is done for you. The PPH can cut your annual losses by a wide margin; if you care about a six-figure income, then call the PPH today.

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