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Making Money out of a Trail?

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Sports betting is enjoying tremendous growth in popularity and activity. States, since a 2018 Supreme Court ruling, have the ability to pass legislation legalizing sports betting within their borders. The Court’s action ended Nevada’s monopoly on the practice, but the process takes time to implement. So far, about half the states are in some stage of implementation, from a signed bill to full operational status.

They allow sportsbooks to operate online, at casino locations or both, depending on the parameters stipulated in the legislation. In some states, the two types of operations are linked yet in others they are totally separate or only one type is allowed. The proliferation of online sportsbooks has spurred significant development of technology to support the demand.

State of the art online sportsbooks make it possible for wagering 24 hours a day and seven days a week on a wide variety of sporting events. It creates a very engaging and user friendly wagering environment for sports bettors. Most wagers are only a click or two away once a customer logs into their account.

Because many states have legalized sports betting, it might be easy to assume that traditional local sports betting agents are on the way out. Actually, nothing could be farther from the truth. With sports leagues embracing gambling, all forms have become more acceptable. Sports wagering is now considered a mainstream activity, which works to the benefit of independent bookies.

With so many people exposed to lines and odds, in many cases by sports organizations themselves, they are more interested in placing wagers. In the many states that still haven’t legalized sports betting, there aren’t many options for betting on sports. One of them is to use offshore operated websites, but they can be somewhat problematic to fund and receive payment from.

That leaves bookies to fill the void and now they have access to technology that is similar to what the large commercial operators use. Traditionally, bookies conduct most of their business in person or over the phone, which is time consuming and somewhat limiting from a business perspective. The best way for bookies to operate is to use a Pay Per Head (PPH) sportsbook service.

A PPH service provides a sportsbook very similar to what casino based operators offer to their customers. The provider charges the bookie a fee for each client that places a wager during a billing period, generally a week. The fee ranges from $7 to $15, depending on the number of clients a bookie has.

The more clients, the less the PPH fee. One way to save money is to take advantage of a pay per head free trial. Quality PPH services that are looking to entice new bookies to sign on will offer free trials for anywhere from one to four weeks. The trial time gives the bookie a chance to sign up clients and become familiar with the way the platform works for both customers and the bookie.

It’s a way for bookies to transform the way they offer wagering to their clients as well as the way they operate their business, all for free for a period of time. A pay per head free trial for a bookie that has 20 clients can save at least $200 a week. That’s almost $1,000 for a four week trial and it will almost surely enable the bookie to add to their business.

Clients, once they experience the ease of viewing lines and placing wagers, will be unlikely to seek out another wagering source. The bookie can save money, grow their business and build client loyalty by taking advantage of a pay per head free trial. One of the very best PPH providers can be found at