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Bookies, Sportsbooks and Betting Exchanges

Many gamblers have a vague understanding of how bookies, sportsbooks, and betting exchanges operate. They set odds based on the probability of a sporting event having a particular result. Generally, odds reflect the opinions of most sports enthusiasts. Pay per head sportsbook reviews are some of the best sources of information when looking for a competitive advantage.

Outcomes that have a slim chance of occurring have high odds. Read on to learn more about bookies, sportsbooks, and betting exchanges.

You will notice some differences when you wager at a pph sportsbook, bookie, and betting exchange. They include various features and advantages for their users, including the following:

Betting Exchanges Can Allow You to Lay and Back Wagers

You can lay wagers on an exchange and back them on a bookie or sportsbook. Laying a bet involves operating as a sportsbook, taking other players' wagers on a certain sports event, and placing bets against that outcome.

For instance, you will wager against Manchester City if you play them. So, you will win the bet if City wins or draws with their opponents.

Bookies and Sportsbooks Have a Simple Betting Process

Bookies and betting firms assign various events odds and your possible winning based on the stake you will place. In contrast, betting exchanges need you to have the liquidity to wager. So, the exchange user needs to be ready to lay your bet, especially on infamous betting markets.

You Can Hedge Bets at Exchanges

In the past, gamblers solely relied on betting exchanges to hedge bets. It involved minimizing risks or withdrawing early profits in play before a game starts on as a tournament continues. But, online bookies and sportsbooks provide punters with partial or full cashouts on wagers.

It is easy to make a cash out to figure out how you will make a large profit from a single bet. At times, you might get lower returns on bookies and sportsbooks than on betting exchanges.

Betting Exchanges Have Decimal Odds

Fractional odds are common in the United Kingdom, while many decimal odds such as 3.50 and 11 are popular in betting exchanges. Exchanges allow you to view a fractional approximation of different odds when you check various betting markets hence making them more flexible than sportsbooks. Besides, you can select American, fractional, and decimal odds.

Live Betting

The market controls odds at an exchange rather than the employees, thus helping it provide in-play gambling. This allows betting exchanges to have a broad selection of gambling markets on major sports events like the Olympics, FIFA World Cup, and the UEFA Champions League.

Real Bookies

You need liquidity to engage in live betting in exchanges since someone has to accept your wager. Also, you might struggle to wager on less popular games if few pundits are interested in a certain market.

Margins, Odds, and Offers

Betting exchanges have different bet values with bookies and sportsbooks. They include the following:

Betting Exchanges Have Great Odds Exchanges don't have middlemen. Their odds and returns are higher than those of bookies and sportsbooks. This occasionally allows for a commission.

Betting exchanges have a good margin on wagers, such as long odds golf betting markets, most horses, and correct scores in soccer.


Betting exchanges charge a commission on all bets or winning bets. It is easy to calculate your returns at bookies and sportsbooks, as they don't have hidden deductions.

Bonuses, Free Bets, and Promotions are Rare in Betting Exchanges

Bookies and sportsbooks often offer bonuses and promotions to new and existing customers. Exchanges have a unique business model that doesn't allow them to provide such incentives.

Betting exchanges were launched over a decade ago. But bookies and sportsbooks are more popular than exchanges. They analyze the results of past sporting events; check a team's current form, lineup and schedule to create odds.

Some bookies and sportsbooks hire pay per head agents to broaden their clientele. It is prudent to research before you place bets on any site.

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