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Bookies: Make the Most of Cryptocurrency Deposits

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Bookies across the USA and around the world are doing everything in their power to get the money in. Profitable bookies are offering cryptocurrency deposit match promos, and this is proving to be a cash cow. Cryptocurrency has been around for several years; however, it has taken a while to become mainstream. Consumers are very careful about what they do with their money and your clients are consumers. They are paying for, purchasing and consuming a product that you offer, and that product is online gambling. As a bookie, you are also a consumer. You are the one investing in a service to manage your bookie business, such as a PayPerHead.

The PayPerHead industry has picked up 100-fold over the past few years and that’s a modest number. Gamblers, both sports gamblers, and casino gamblers are gambling online. They are no longer going to Las Vegas. The Vegas days are over. Vegas is expensive, it’s a long journey for many and it simply doesn’t pay. The gamblers can gamble at home, for free and in private. Of course, gamblers still love to go to Vegas every now and then, however, we’re talking about serious gamblers that have money to spend and the time to do it. You must be on your game when it comes to meeting their needs and taking payments is possibly more important than any other aspect of your gaming operation.

Start by finding a fantastic PPH that can manage the entire operation of your online sportsbook. If you are not online already, then you must get online as quickly as possible. The only way to land a spot online without much cost is with the use of a PPH. Not only is a PPH affordable but they can have you operational within a day or two.

The PPH is a service that offers you bookie software. That bookie software performs every daily task for you. They set the daily sporting events, they set the daily lines and odds, and they accept wagers on the website that’s custom-built for you, and the client's use. You will never again grade a wager or wonder where your money is going. Now, you will have on-demand access to players and financial reports.

It’s time to take charge of your players, how they deposit, how they are paid out and their gambling habits. The first thing you must focus on is getting the money in. You want your players to have gambling access to your sportsbook at all times. This means that when they bust- out, you want them to deposit. If they are in Denver and you are in Miami, what will you do? You can always have them send MoneyGram or Western Union, however, this is a slippery slope and both of these options quickly go away. Both MG and WU are becoming unreliable and after a few transactions, they will blacklist clients. They are a hassle and your clients have to wait and you have to run all over creation. Who needs this?

There are not many options anymore other than plain old hard cash and that can certainly be a logistics problem as well as a timing problem. Cash is king if they can make a cash deposit and gamble right now, however, if they can deposit using cryptocurrency, they can deposit anytime, anywhere, and any amount.

The great thing about cryptocurrency is that it’s automatic and it’s fast. The fees are minimal, and you can certainly provide your clients with incentives and even a bonus of some type for paying in this manner.

Most cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are easy to use with a great online wallet. That’s the first thing that you must do - find an online wallet that works with Bitcoin and get started for free. Bitcoin is easily the best and most efficient cryptocurrency available, as well as the most trustworthy.

We are not telling you to invest in Bitcoin, not at all. We are saying use Bitcoin to get deposits quickly and easily and keep your clients gambling. Don’t let them get away! Keep them on the hook and make funding their account quick and easy at all times, without giving them credit. Call the PPH provider today and ask for a free trial. Ask them for some great advice about cryptocurrency, they will be glad to assist.

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