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Pay Per Head 247

Bookies Profit and Real Numbers

We always get asked the proverbial question, how much do bookies make per year? The first thing is first. Not all bookies are built alike, some do this gig for fun and whatever comes their way, so be it. They may make $3,000 per year or less. Then there are those bookies that are serious, and they do this for a living. They may spend 10-hours a day recruiting players, managing existing players, and swinging every deal they can drum up to earn big money. These kinds of bookies can easily earn six figures, but they must have the proper tools in place. There is much more to this than hard work. You don’t have to work hard on any level to earn six figures, but you must have a plan and follow it.

FIRST: If you want to earn serious money as a bookie there are some simple rules to follow and we want to lay a few of them out for you. We consider these few rules to be the cornerstone for any bookie's success. Come along for the quick ride.

  • You must have an online presence. Without it, you are dead in the water. Times have drastically changed. There once was a day that as a local bookie you could earn big money, not anymore. Gamblers want to bet on their time, not on yours. This means they look for a bookie that offers 24/7 access.
  • Now think seriously about this. Can you offer 24/7 access? You are probably one person, running a one-man show. Do you want clients calling you 24/7? Even if you do allow this, what can you offer them? Think about it… What is it that you would be offering them at 3:00 am? Oh sure, you can get their bet in on the Knicks for that night, but couldn’t they have waited to call you until a decent hour?
  • Today’s gambler is not your father’s gambler. You may have this image of a smoke-filled sportsbook in a mega-resort on the Las Vegas strip. You know the type, the big leather chairs and the old men smoking a Cubano. These guys sit there all day and gamble all day and never take a trip across the hall to the casino. Not anymore, times have drastically changed. Today’s gambler wants it all. They want to gamble in the casino, and they want access to a great racebook that offers 100-tracks.

  • As a local bookie, you can’t offer any of this. Possibly you can offer a few bets off the beaten path but when it comes to offering super teasers, alternative lines, live lines, dynamic lines, reverse action, thousands of weekly prop bets that include both game and player, and on and on the list continues… You are one guy; you don’t possibly have the time to set all of the lines and odds and figure out the horse odds and the special parlays and teasers and how much alternate lines should pay.

Do you see the conundrum?

  • You must be online and the only way to get online quickly and affordably is with a pay per head. The PPH (as it’s known) offers local bookies state of the art software and they charge you a fair price for this service. What you get with this service is software that does everything describes above and to boot, you get a FREE gaming website that includes a state of the art sportsbook, a world-class racebook, and a Las Vegas-style casino.
  • The best PPH providers online charge in the neighborhood of $7-$13 per head, per player, per week. You only pay for active players.

The PPH sets all of your daily events along with all of the lines and odds. They provide your players with a vast wagering menu that includes every sport known to man and every possible way to bet on those sports. They do all of the work for you but leave you in control at all times. If you don’t like any given odds on any given event, you can change them. You are the boss. Call a fantastic PPH and ask them for a free trial. We guarantee that a PPH will earn you a great deal more money than ever before.

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