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Betting with a Mobile Device:
|Your Client’s Want This

Bookies; we live in a fast-paced world and people work for a living. You must meet their demands, as well as meet them where they are. How can you do this if you are not offering a great online sportsbook? How can you do this if that online sportsbook is not offering a fantastic mobile app? Gamblers want to gamble on their time, not yours. They want to gamble at 3:00 AM, they want to gamble on weekends, at work, sitting in the movies, in the restaurant, wherever it may be, they want to gamble, and it’s guaranteed they will gamble if you offer them the opportunity. You must catch up with modern times by finding a great pay per head and moving your bookie business to the internet. Let’s talk about how to get clients, as a bookie

A1 Pay Per Head

  • Before talking about how to get them, let’s talk about how to keep the one you already have. They are the most important to you right now. Number one, they are word of mouth, they are your best advertisement. Are you offering them everything they want in a sportsbook? What about a great racebook and casino? If you are not offering all three, then you are losing out on a great income.

  • Your players may tell you they don’t gamble in the casino and they never play the horses. We know this is not true. Gamblers get bored and they will indeed “wander” if you give them something to wander to.

  • Better yet; your clients will wander with a mobile app much quicker than without. Think about the possibilities a mobile app affords the gambler. They can gamble in the restroom at work, they can gamble at a restaurant, at church, or anywhere they may find themselves. They will certainly gamble on the train, in the airport, on a bus and anywhere in the world, they have the internet.

  • The one thing they are not likely to do is to pull out a clunky laptop. NO, they want to gamble on their phone or tablet. Give them an app that works, and they will use it.

Find a Pay Per Head that Works—

  • This is where you make your money, and this is where you get the clients tearing the door down. You must be online and the only way to get online is with a PPH. Find a fantastic PPH that has a reputation for transparency, honesty, and the willingness to go the extra mile.

  • The PPH does everything for you. They will build you a custom-built website for free. This website is an online sportsbook. This is where you will bring your clients, and this is where they will bring new clients.

  • Find a PPH that has a fantastic mobile app. Remember, your clients are on the go and they want to bet from anywhere. You need this, you want them betting from wherever they are in the world. Having the online sportsbook is the first move, having a mobile app is a MANDATORY move.

  • By the way… A great mobile app cost’s you nothing. If you are with a PPH now, and they are charging you extra for the use of the mobile app – ditch them. The mobile app should be an outstanding tool that draws new client’s and it should always be free. The only extra you should ever have to pay with a PPH is possibly for the use of “phone gambling”. When a client calls the 800-number and places a wager on the phone with an agent. A great PPH will offer this service and you want this. There will be times when your client needs to call a friendly, English-speaking agent and ask for help. Do you want them to call you at 3.00 AM?

No matter how we break the benefits of a PPH down, it always comes back to one thing. Keeping your client’s faithful. You must keep them in the fold and if you are not online, then it’s a fact they are gambling when you have your phone turned off – just not gambling with you. Don’t let this happen. Call the PPH today and get moving.