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Best Pay Per Head Sites

The gambling industry has stiff competition that makes some bookmakers collapse in their first five years of operation. It is important to hire a Pay-Per-Head (PPH) service provider if you are a private bookie. You can automate all gambling operations or assign particular tasks to the PPH service provider. Most PPH agents charge a fee for each punter that they direct to your bookie. In this article, we will discuss the five best PPH sites.

1. PPH101

PPH101 was launched in 2016, and it has an experienced management team. It comprises bookies and professional punters. Some sportsbooks that PPH101 works with have operated for decades. The site has a unique sportsbook software that it has specially designed for its customers. It varies from ASI and DGS software.

Unlike other sites, PPH101 doesn't ask clients to fill in a registration form. You can call customer representatives to inquire about specific features or create an account. The trained personnel will promptly answer your queries and enlighten you about the PPH fee of each player.

2. Ace Per Head

The PPH site provides many gambling options, including a more than 70 horse tracks racebook and virtual casino containing over 100 online games. Its juice and actual line are aggressive hence giving it an edge over other PPH shops. Ace Per Head has a 14 percent hold percentage, 25 years of gambling experience, and it has appeared severally among the top Pay-Per-Head providers.

Ace Per Head has English native customer representatives who understand how PPH providers operate. The site has sophisticated technology that helps it provide reliable products that you can access in peak hours. Besides, you can understand its mobile gambling platform within minutes.

The live betting feature is popular, and it has a fixed price. You can choose two other extra in-play gambling options for an additional $5 per gambler each week. They include VIP Live and Premium Live. Each game has more than 70 live gambling options. You can stream live games using the Premium Live option.


The site offers bookies an assortment of different betting options, including casinos, horse racing, and sports. Agents can access reports on A1PPH and personalized lines to create wager limits for punters. A1PPH has affordable rates and amazing start-up promotions. You will get a one-month free trial to test the site's software and pay $7 for each active gambler once you hire it. AIPPH will not charge you if an account was dormant in a given period. You might get a discount if you have over 30 punters hence making AIPPH suitable for start-ups.

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4. PayPerHead

PayPerHead has immense experience in the PPH industry. It is appropriate for amateurs and experienced bookmakers. The cheaper option goes for $3 for each punter, and it will later increase to $10 to $12 per player. Even so, you will get great value for your money. The PPH site has heavily invested in complex technology to protect bookies' data and offer Pay-Per-Head solutions. This has helped it attract many new and experienced sportsbooks.

5. America's Bookie

The PPH website offers PPH solutions to casinos, racebook, and sports betting firms. Its betting options include action reverses, parlays, teasers, and straight bets. America's Bookie has a live betting option which is listed as Live Betting. Punters and agents can navigate the website and understand various features.

There are hundreds of Pay-Per-Head service providers globally, including PPH101, Ace Per Head, A1PPH, PayPerHead, and America's Bookie. Some sites aren't trustworthy, and they can make you lose return clients. Thus, it is advisable to ask for a two weeks free trial to determine whether the site will meet your gambling needs. You can check the reviews that clients wrote about a particular PPH service provider.