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Become the Best of the Best

Real Bookies

When you’re a part of the sports betting industry, as well as any other type of activity, whether it’s professional or personal, things will work out best, you will get bigger and better results, only if you become the best at what you do. But how can you become the best in a business that faces such strong competition? The first step, and most important one, is to make sure all the basics are covered and that you will be able to offer your customers not only what they’re expecting from you, but go one step ahead and offer them more than they could have ever imagined.

The good news is that with Price per Head, this process has become quite simple and accessible for every single bookie out there, and that’s why you need to jump in now and take this opportunity, before everybody else gets ahead.

Price per Head will make you the best

Being a bookie implies many, many different things, if you’re serious about it, of course. Price per Head can give you all the tools you need, top to bottom, for the lowest investment and risk, allowing you to take lots of stress and worries out of the equation. With Price per Head you will be able to focus on your product and your customers, 100%, and all for just a small weekly fee per active player, something that no one else in this industry will give you.

Join now and everything will be perfectly mapped out for you. Once you join a good PPH service, you will have an entire sportsbook company working for you, making sure your players have everything they need to be able to place their bets safely, quickly and constantly.

How does Price per Head work?

Easy. Choose a provider and agree on a price. Depending on the number of players you bring and the amount of services they require, the weekly fee per head might vary from $10 to $20. To put it in numbers, let’s say you have 50 players in total and your weekly fee is set at $10 per head. So, if 30 of your customers play this week, then the total you must pay your provider is of $300 for that week.

What do you get for those $300? Everything that goes on in a sportsbook day to day. You will have your very own website, front and back end, you will have some of the most experienced and sharpest line movers in the world taking care of your markets, highly qualified customer service representatives, state-of-the-art sports betting software and much more.

Are you ready to join the Price per Head industry and become the best bookie you can be? Do you have questions about how this works? Give us a call right now and we’ll help you find the right service for you and your operation. Get ready to enjoy the sportsbook business the right way and start making the money you deserve!

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