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Pay Per Head

The bookie has many challenges and as a bookie, you face them daily. You are in pursuit of becoming the best at what you do, and you need help. We have the answers you need and it all starts with finding a fantastic price per head. Bookies the world-over are jumping in with what has become much more than a fad. Price per heads are now the new normal and most online bookmakers are operating under the blanket of this very tool.

  • Price per heads give you security knowing that your bookie business is now online, and your clients have the ability to bet from anywhere. They no longer need to call you. Your job is to recruit players and keep your business organized. The last thing that you need to be doing is all of the grunt work. Leave the heavy-lifting to professionals that have been there and have the experience.
  • The cost of doing business with a PPH is very modest and reasonable. You get top notch customer service that comes with a toll-free hotline that both you and your clients can access from the United States. Never again will you be stuck at 3:00 am with a question that can’t be answered. Now you have all of the answers at your fingertips. Your clients will love you for making the move to an online bookie service. Let’s face it, your clients want as little amount of face time with you as possible. It’s nothing personal, it’s just simply the nature of the business.
  • For around $10 per head, per week. You get the best service and the most reliable service on the web. The PPH is committed to guaranteeing up-time. The last thing you want is for your website to go down before a big game or event. That’s a bookie killer. The moment you go down, your client is clicking the mouse and they are off to the competition.
  • The price per head combines the online sportsbook, racebook and casino into one central gaming center for your clients advantage. You must operate a casino, it’s an essential money-maker and vital if you want to stay ahead of the sports gambler.
  • The sportsbook is volatile and marginal, even the grand sportsbooks on the Las Vegas strip are marginal. The casino is the money-maker and they keep the sportsbooks in Vegas afloat. You need this, you absolutely cannot say no to a fantastic, online casino. The best news; the casino comes with the service.
  • The PPH acts as your personal accountant, banker, budget master, and financier. They take care of the daily lines and odds, they set all of the days available events and even future odds. You have to do nothing. All you do is read reports that can be generated on demand 24-hours a day. You will have access to player and financial reports that will keep you abreast of the players betting habits, how much they win and how much they lose.
  • You must set a tight player budget. You know how much you have started this business with (your bankroll) and you know how much you can afford to lose on a daily basis, so budget accordingly. This will make or break your bookie business.
  • Bookies have a never-ending customer service job that means being all things to all people, all of the time. We are not going to lie and say the job is easy. What we will tell you is this; you can make a small fortune every year if you play this right and there is only one way do it, get online. What our experience tells us is getting online is very difficult. Unless you are a programmer, webhost, or have coding experience –you will have a very difficult time building and publishing a website that matters.

Now you can get that website and you control it. You call the shots and this baby is yours. What’s great about the PPH is they are there to help you when you need the guidance. They are not there to push you or make you uncomfortable. The better PPH companies are offering a month-long free trial. You get the full-service for no upfront cost. Find them today and have your players playing today. Give it a try, we know you will love it.

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