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Groundbreaking NFL First:
Lamar Jackson's Ravens QB Room

Baltimore Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens have already cemented their place in the history of the NFL before the regular season has even begun, whether or not they win their third Super Bowl this year.

A GroundBreak in the World of NFL

A lot of people are understandably paying attention to the quarterback room as they get ready for their Week 1 matchup against the Houston Texans in the new season. According to speculation, the 2023 Ravens will be the first club in the NFL to include an all-black quarterback group, including players and coaches.

This is quite an exciting time for NFL fans. According to, new NFL-themed slots are coming to the state of Pennsylvania, giving players even more options for sports- themed gameplay.

Coach Tee Martin, assistant coach Kerry Dixon, and players Tyler Huntley, Lamar Jackson, and Josh Johnson make up the staff.

The group is a huge step forward for a league that many believe prevents Black coaches who are otherwise competent from taking the most crucial job on the staff, the head coach.

Martin, who took over as the Ravens' wide receivers coach for the previous two years before switching to teaching quarterbacks this summer, claims that the squad is unquestionably standing on the shoulders of pioneers from the past. Martin sees it as a positive development for “people like them”, but they must perform well.

Rise of the Black Quarterback

Unfortunately, as author Jason Reid emphasizes, the Ravens' current success is an exceptional occasion in the league. "Rise of the Black Quarterback: What It Means for America" was written by Reid.

Reid thinks that even in 2023, what the Ravens now have is revolutionary. The importance of it is that it signifies the advent of the NFL's era of the Black quarterback. With Jackson at the helm, the Ravens are in a strong position to be among the league's top teams in 2023, making them the favorites of bettors and analysts. Todd Monken, the new offensive coordinator for the team, may flow down to the quarterbacks’ coaching staff. One of the numerous ways the Ravens may continue to alter NFL history in 2024 is for Martin to find himself in the running for promotion as a coach.

About Baltimore Ravens

Baltimore Ravens, a professional American football club, is based in Baltimore, Maryland. They are a part of the National Football League's (NFL) AFC North division and were established in 1996. The team has a large and devoted fan following that is renowned for its steadfast support. Since its founding, the Ravens have had a great deal of success, winning two Super Bowls in 2000 and 2012. They are known for their outstanding defense and a history of developing great players. The team's home games are held at M&T Bank Stadium, a place renowned for its electrifying energy. With their thrilling style of football, the Baltimore Ravens have remained a dominant force in the NFL.