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Are you in the next generation of bettors

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The next generation of bettors has come along, the question is, are you one of them? Sports bettors are looking for sharp lines and odds, fast payouts, a great mobile site, a fantastic user interface, top-notch security, a slew of betting options, and every sport known to man. They also want options such as future bets, lottery, contests, free contests that pay cash, great bonuses with every deposit, and all the bells and whistles that a state-of-the-art online sportsbook should offer. Take a look at HR Wager, we believe this group to be one of the bookmakers that come along every so often and knock it out of the park.

  • HR Wager is one of those quiet sportsbooks that comes along and surprises with its high-quality customer service, a superior user interface that makes gambling easy, and a huge variety of sports to bet on. Listening to what clients have to say is the best way to understand what the feeling is, and clients love HR Wager. They pay quickly and easily with many great payment methods, making a deposit is fast and easy, free contests abound, the bonuses are the best industry-wide with 200% in perpetuity, and the rollovers are easy to meet and fair.
  • Banking is a big deal to anybody that ever gambles online, on any kind of level. Whether you gamble $10 a game, or $1,000 on a half time, you want to be paid when you win. HR Wager understands this better than any other book making site and they pay you when you beat them. There is no arguing, there is no red tape, and there are no hassles. You get paid when they owe you money. If you are a bonus player, HR Wager takes the time to explain all the rules of any bonuses that you are signing up for. There are never any surprises. They pay you with the best payout methods, and deposits are also quick and easy.
  • Want the best lines and odds in the industry? Who doesn’t? HR Wager is a fully-staffed sportsbook that comes loaded with Las Vegas experience when it comes to setting lines and odds. You will always find the most competitive odds with this group.
  • Along with the best lines and odds, you also get the best wagering options such as live wagering, dynamic wagering, hundreds of daily games, and player props. The wagering menu with HR Wager is vast and they offer every sport known to man. With HR Wager, you get it all because they know you want it all.
  • Great customer service is a thing of the past with many online bookmakers. You are just a name on a list of thousands. This is not the case with HR Wager. They will treat you like family and you can call them on their toll-free hotline 24/7. Not only are the live agents friendly and gaming knowledgeable, but they also speak great English.
  • Not everyone is a bonus player, but should you be looking for a great bonus, then you have found the best place online for one. HR Wager offers a 200% bonus any time, from any player, whether returning or new, on any new deposit, should you bust out, it is this simple. The rollovers are fair, and they will work with you on practically any bonus amount should you want to take less.
  • Finding a great online bookie is not as easy as it used to be. You should do your due diligence and shop around. A smart consumer will look for what others are saying. “Others” are saying the best things about HR Wager. Existing clients love HR Wager and in fact, they swear by this sportsbook.

Look, folks, the choice is yours, however, the choice is quite simple. Do you want to be paid when you bet the bookie, do you want to deal with an honest bookmaker? What about a wide variety of events daily? You want options and most of all, you want transparency. HR Wager has built a client base based on all of the above. You have choices but be sure and check out HR Wager before plunking that hard-earned money down.

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