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Are there any free trials for pay per head services?

Pay per head free trials are the best way to know the software and understand exactly how the entire PPH system works. If you are a bookie and have even a handful of clients, then you absolutely must try out a PPH with the use of a free trial offer. You should never have to pay any money up-front for the use of a PPH and the software they offer. Pick the best PPH providers and they will set you up with either a 2-week free trial or even a 4-week free trial. What you get with the free trial is a fully-working, bookie software system that paying clients have access to. There are no shortcuts, no abbreviated applications and no abridgments. You get the full Monty! Here is why you need a PPH—

Real Bookies

  • The PPH places your bookie business online within a day or two and you will have an exclusive .com address for your use as well as for your clients. If you care at all about earning a great income as a bookie (what bookie doesn’t?) then you must be online. You must be offering your clients an online sportsbook where they can gamble 24-hours a day. If you do not have this now, you are losing money – you are losing a lot of money. Your clients love you and they want to be loyal and they are loyal when you are available. The fact of the matter is this; you can’t possibly be available at all hours of the day and night. You are losing business because you are not available 24/7. What bookie is? You can be available with an online sportsbook, racebook, and casino for around $7 per head, per week.

  • The PPH is a software system that’s specially designed as an online sportsbook. The PPH does everything for you. They design your free website, they set the daily sporting events – custom-drawn up by you, they set the daily lines and odds.

    Lines and Odds: You are most likely not an experienced line mover or oddsmaker. Possibly you have worked in a Las Vegas sportsbook or even for an offshore bookmaker, however, for most of you reading this, you have probably not done any of those things. What you know is to follow the crow- the “big boys”. This can be a big mistake and it can cost you big profits.

    The “big boys” of the gaming industry set their lines in a fashion to appeal to certain types of players. They often do not set tight lines as smaller bookies do and this draws attention to them. They will give up a point or two to bring in the masses. They don’t mind taking the loss, they can afford it; you can’t! You must know your audience and you must know what lines are appropriate. The PPH sets the lines for you on a daily basis and you have full control to change any of them at any time. You must rely on the PPH to help you set lines and odds. Not only in the interest of profits, but in the interest of time.

  • The PPH does all of the little things as well such as accepting wagers online or over the phone with an 800 number that your clients can access from the United States. They grade the wagers within minutes of the end of the event and they adjust every account appropriately. Players do not want to wait for their bets to be graded, they want the money right now so they can bet again and this is what you want as well.

  • The PPH offers financial and player reports as well. You will have the ability to budget and know your players. Now you can set limits for them and you will know where every dollar is going at all times.

  • The best PPH providers offer the best “uptime”, they do not go down before a big game or event and they guarantee their security will keep your player's information safe. They will keep your information safe.

Call the best PPH today and start your free trial. There is nothing to lose by trying a fully-working free trial with no up-front cost. Get in, see what you love, see if this is for you and start earning what you are worth.

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