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Are You Ready to Start Your Own Business?

Becoming a bookie is a great business opportunity. You may think there’s too much competition in the industry, but that’s not the case. Plus, you can target local bettors, friends and family.

Like any business, if you’re planning on opening a sportsbook, you need to do it right.

In this article, we’re going to discuss the steps you should take to prepare yourself to start your own bookmaking business. Believe it or not, launching a sportsbook has a low barrier to entry.

Steps to Take When Starting a Bookmaking Business

There are many things to consider prior to starting a sportsbook and I’m going to outline the major steps everyone should take when they’re thinking about becoming a bookie owner.

  • Legality: Laws are different around the world and I always recommend new bookies to learn the law in their jurisdiction so that they understand any potential consequences.

  • Financials: Starting a PPH bookie is inexpensive, but you still need to have a bankroll to be able to payout winning bettors. Often new bookies are underfinanced and when a bettor goes on a run, they struggle to come up with the funds. Don’t let that be you.

  • Finding a PPH: You’re going to need to join a pay-per-head (PPH) provider. There are plenty on the market, but some are better than others. A PPH service provides you with software, betting lines, a website, reports and support to run your bookmaking business.

  • Player Base: Where are you planning on finding bettors to join your sportsbook? Ideally, you already have some local clients you know that want to start betting. You should have a few players ready to start betting before you even launch your sportsbook.

  • Commitment: New bookies often struggle to gain traction and build a player base. It can take years to build up a solid reputation in the industry. Throughout the growth stages, you’re likely going to be a one-person show and that’ll require a big time commitment.

There’s more to being a bookie than simply accepting bets and watching sports. Sure, watching sports is a perk to many bookmakers, but running any business requires a lot of work.

A1 Pay Per Head

You’re going to need to deal with a wide variety of people on a daily basis while remaining cordial with everyone, which is something that’s difficult for some personality types.

PPH bookies also need to constantly be marketing and trying to find new clients. Small bookies are unable to afford to hire marketers, so you need to be willing to learn how to market.

If that all sounds great, you can start your sportsbook business today.

There are perks to starting a bookmaking business as well. It’s one of the few businesses where you can turn a tiny amount of money (>$5000) into a seven-figure business over time.

Anyone in the world can become a bookie as well. You can live anywhere in the world and run an online bookie. Now that you know what to expect, it’s time to get started on your own business.

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