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A Robust Bookie Solution

Attention Bookies: You must be working with a state-of-the-art sportsbook platform in order to see maximum earning potential. If you want to earn a great income as a bookie and you are not afraid of change, then hop on this train. There is a six-figure income waiting if you play your cards right, but you must take some fantastic advice from folks who have been there and walked in your shoes. We have the skinny, we have the answer to your problems and we can make your life easier. There is simply no good reason to not enjoy this gig you have chosen. You have chosen to be a bookie because you want to make money, here is how to do just that.

Pay Per Head

*Pay Per Head – What they are and what they can do for you…

  • A pay per head combines the online sportsbook, casino, and racebook in one online gaming site. This site becomes your personal bookmaking site where your players will log in and bet against you. The website is a fully-functional online sportsbook that offers everything any other online sportsbook might offer. Conduct a quick Google search… Go ahead right now… Google this – “best Online sportsbooks” or “best offshore sportsbooks”… go ahead and pause from reading and conduct this Google search. What do you see? You see giants of the online sportsbook industry, they want your business and they are widely known in the online gaming world. The online bookmakers that you see, is what your online sportsbook can look like with a pay per head. In fact, the bookies that you see from the Google search, they use the same software that the PPH providers are providing to bookies all over the world.
  • The pay per head literally does the job of a bookie. They do everything for you, it’s an automated process. You do not have to download anything, there is no setup. The website is custom crafted to fit the needs of your bookie business and your clients. It’s all online. Once the site is finished (about a day) then you are given login credentials and you add your players and give them login credentials. You will have the ability to have your operation up and running (in most cases) within a day. Your players will love you! You will love you! There is simply very little work to do. Now, you can concentrate on recruiting players.
  • Are you an accountant? Yea, probably not. You may be ok with numbers and you should be. Every prospective bookie should bone up on the ole math skills but to deal with the accounting duties that must be dealt with on a daily basis – what a hassle. The PPH will take care of every accounting question that you will ever encounter as a bookie. You will have access to on demand reports, 24/7. Now you can budget your players, and budget your business. You can set limits on players and know exactly who is beating you and when.
  • Bet slip grading – it’s just not that fun and if you have more than 20 active players or for that matter even 5 or more, then grading bet slips is a big-time headache. Who wants to sit up all-hours of the night grading bet slips? Nobody. Now you can stop this nonsense. Your pay pare head will grade all of your bet slips within five minutes of the events ending. Your players depend on this and you need this. You must have your players bets graded as quickly as possible, so they can either re-deposit or re-bet.
  • Security/Up-time – you must have the assurance that your online sportsbook will always be up and online. You cannot afford downtime. The minute your website goes down, players click the mouse. You absolutely cannot have this. Find a fantastic PPH that comes with a great reputation for security and uptime.

The pay per head has come along and offers robust bookie solutions to busy bookmakers that want an online presence. There is simply no substitution for taking your business online and when you do, you will see a shocking difference in revenue. Find that white label PPH today and get moving in the right direction.

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