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Pay Per Head

Bookies are looking for the best pay per head services in order to earn a six-figure income. What you do now will dictate the path your future takes as a bookie. Most of you reading this are probably corner bookies (local bookies). You may have experienced some level of success and possibly even great success. We sincerely hope it’s the latter. Every bookie wants to make money, nobody wants to work their tail ends off just to break even or even lose at the end of the day. Through trial and error, and a whole lot of gaming experience, we have found the best way in which to obtain immediate success is through the use of a fantastic pay per head. The pay per head, sets the table for your experience as a bookie. The pay per head gives you the tools to do the job right, now you have time to find and recruit new players. If you want to be successful on any level as a bookie, then you must have as much cross-action as possible. Cross action is difficult to obtain when players don’t have 24/7 access to bet against you. The PPH providers are offering a fantastic website for free of charges and along with it, you get a Las Vegas-style casino and a world-class racebook.

Why an online presence is critical to your success

• No matter what is said or done, you must offer your players 24/7 access to betting against you. You may ask why? The reason is very simple –competition. The competition you are facing today is not the competition of yesterday. We live in a 24/7 age and everybody wants in. Your players want to gamble on their time, and they want to gamble in private. They do not want to call you every time there is a great event of a game they want to bet on. They want to get their bet in at all hours of the day or night and even truer; you don’t want them calling you at all hours of this night.

• An online presence gives you the ability to offer a casino and racebook for the same cost. You do not need to p[ay one dollar more in PPH fees for the use of a casino. You MUST offer your clients a casino. Sports betting clients get bored quick and when they run out of events to bet on, they want a casino. If you offer a casino, they will also bet during sporting events. You need this revenue.

• The casino is your one cash cow. You will never lose with a casino. Really, folks, the casino is your best friend. Gamblers love to gamble and if you offer them a fantastic Las Vegas-style casino, they will end up spending more money there, than in the sportsbook.

• The sportsbook is fun to operate, and it can be a moneymaker, however, it can also be marginal, and players can beat you. We live in an information age when one can find anything they need to know about any team or players. As a bookie, you must keep close tabs on your player and know when they are steaming you or when they are “wise guys”. In order to combat this, have a casino. This is how Vegas survives. You see the big mega-resorts on the strip raking in billions, it not from the sportsbook, it’s from the casinos.

What a PPH can provide

• The PPH providers have combined the sportsbook, racebook, and casino into one turnkey package. You get all three in a great custom-built website that comes exclusively with .com address for the use of you and your clients.

• You will have access to on-demand financial and player reports. Now you can stay on top of the gamblers who are beating you as well as the ones who are losing.

• The PPH grades all of the day's action as well as accepts wagers online and over the phone with an exclusive toll-free hotline that’s available from the United States.

You get all of this for around $10 per head. No matter how you slice it, you can’t lose. You will probably require a bet minimum such as $10 or even $20. That minimum takes care of your weekly PPH fee. Call the PPH provider today and ask for a free trial. You will love the PPH and your customers will love you for offering it. Start earning a great income, you’re worth it.

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