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A Cheap ‘Price Per Head’ Could be your Solution

There are two huge lies associated with the bookie business. One is that ‘bookies are rich’ – because they make a fortune being a bookie, the other is that ‘in order to become a bookie, ‘one must be rich’. Both are false and a complete misrepresentation of the facts. What should be said is this – ‘If you want to be a successful bookie, you should have a bankroll that fits you and your -player limits- budget.’ Successful bookies are money conscience and they follow a strict budget; however, this doesn’t mean they started out with tens-of-thousands, of dollars and came to the table loaded, or rich. Remember, most folks get into the bookie business because they are interested in the business in general and have some reason to be attracted, and they want to make money. Wealthy tycoons may open a casino on the Las Vegas strip, but that’s an entirely different world and place at the table. This is the real world and we can show you how to make a great income and you do not need to be wealthy at startup. As a matter of fact, the best way to make money in the bookie business is by operating under the blanket of a price per head and only pay $7 per head. Here’s how—

First thing is first—

  • Find a top-notch, state-of the-art, price per head provider. There are a few fantastic ones out there so be picky and remember, you call the shots. This is your business and you want it to be right. You want efficient, fair-priced and most of all, you want to be in the best position to make a great income.
  • Find honest forums on the web that are unbiased and that give solid price per head reviews. There are more than a few great ones out there so be sure to do your homework on Google.

Why $7—

  • The price per head industry has come a long ways over the recent years and prices have dropped dramatically. Back in the “good old days”, 20+ years ago, the price per head providers were new. The entire online gambling industry was fairly new, and folks were learning the business as well as the providers.
  • The first few price per head providers were offering a service that bookies needed but they needed to perfect the offering. It was a bit rough to say the least, but times have changed.
  • The price per head providers charged a lot of money in the early days and it was indeed for ‘rich guys’. Think of it like this; remember when car phones were for those same ‘rich boys’? Exactly, many of us remember when the normal person couldn’t afford a cell phone. Nowadays, anyone can afford a decent cell phone as a matter of fact, everyone has a cell phone. Not many folks are still using a landline!
  • The price per head industry was much akin to the cell phone business; unaffordable. Those times have come and gone, thankfully, you now have affordable options and it’s more than affordable—the options are downright cheap.
  • The best price per heads in the industry are charging $7 per head – per week. That’s a fair price but not rock bottom. You still get quality customer service and a high-quality bookie software.

What can you expect for $7—

  • Expect the best in customer service and accept no substitute. The price per head that you are interested in should have a toll-free hotline that’s accessible from the United States and it should come with live-agents that know the gaming industry and speak English. Without this, you are doomed to fail. You need the customer service as well as your betting clients.
  • Expect a price per head that does everything for you from accounting reports, to player reports. The PPH will not only account for every dollar in and every dollar out, they will set your daily lines and odds as well as keep you in control of the game. This is your online bookie website, you have the controls to everything. The PPH is there to guide you.

Pay Per Head

Don’t settle for less when you can have the best for $7. Why pay huge prices that comes with no customer service? Find that great price per head and get in today with a free trial offer.

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