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Top Strategies of the Best Winning Football Punters

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Every day millions of pounds circulate the virtual world as punters place their bets on the most popular game in the world, football. However, most of this money ends back in the bookie's pockets, as many underestimate the football's betting markets and others are left misled by their own passion for the game. There are a lot of discussions online whether anyone can really win good money on football consistently and yes, there exist those rare individuals who we all admire because they showed us it's possible to outsmart the bookmakers. However, the truth is that anyone who's reading this article has surely lost a bet or two, to say the least. There are several ways to address the problem. Finding an alternative game to bet on is the simplest solution. Wagering on sports is an interesting way to spend your cash, but there are other options to do so. The top-rated bingo websites on the homepage of offer the most beloved UK game on the Internet. Bingo comes closest to football in betting popularity. It is also fun and easy to learn, but those of you who love a challenge and want to master your football bets, stick with these simple rules to get you up to speed with the best winning punters and forget about your losing bets once and for all.

Know Your Game Inside Out

Following passionately your favourite team's history of losses and wins is certainly a good start to gain this precious knowledge of the experienced punters, but this is not enough. You have to turn yourself into an avid reader and follower of all the teams and individual players in the League you'd like to focus your bets on. There's no easy way and it takes time, but knowing how the team has scored in the last six-seven matches; whether there were penalties and injuries involved, and is their style aggressive or defensive is crucial for then finding the best odds and managing your bankroll like a pro. Beware of magazine gossip and select 5-6 trustworthy news sources and statistics to check regularly. Not just knowing only the rules and the teams, but also understanding the different types of bets available online and how to best estimate the odds by using past statistics on who's scored the most will make all the difference to transform yourself into a pro punter.

Choose Wisely Your Preferred Bets

There is a myriad of different bets to consider when wagering online on football, which is what makes the game so exciting, but this is also the catch that bookies want you to fall for. For example, one of the most popular bets among punters is to place money lines on the exact scores as this bet offers greater returns, but how likely are you to guess the exact score of the match? Double chance is a similar bet where you choose 3 selections, but the odds tend to be very low. The correct score works on the same principle of guessing the score of the entire match, so you'd want to look for more secure options.

An always winning strategy, in this case, is to place your money on shorter odds, such as Draw No Bet when your money will be returned if the match ends in a draw. To be on the safe side, compare Both teams to score and Over/Under odds, as these bets are certainly going to bring you consistent wins. Half Time/ Full Time are tricky, as you'd have to predict the result of each period separately and failing to do so for one of the periods will result in a loss of your bet. Beware that if you place your bet on your chosen team to win at both periods, this means that the team has to score goals than the opponent in each half-time separately. Another very popular bet which is actually worth trying out is the handicap bet where the bookmakers sign off goals to the underdog in an attempt to balance the odds. As a rule of thumb, we recommend to always bet on the player scoring anytime, rather than wager on First Goal Scorer. Lastly, accumulator bets are increasingly popular among punters, as they allow for a higher return on individual types of bets on the same match that are grouped together. However, if you miss one prediction, you'd lose the whole bet. In football betting, less is more in the long term, so single or double bets will soon become your new best friends to help you outsmart the bookies. Remember, it's about winning a return on your bet and not just joining the crowd. The promise of a higher return for the greater risk you'd take is what made you lose your past bets in the first place.

Refresh Your Maths to Calculate the Odds

Understanding how bookies make the odds is crucial to beating them by making the best selection according to your own calculations. A lot of novice punters are put off by the sound of this, as they associate it with maths exercises at school, which let's face it, very few people enjoyed. This is not the case with football odds. The odds represent the chance for an event to occur, be that the favourite to score in the first half or both teams to score and win the match. They are usually shown as fractions or decimals, and it's better to learn and stick to one type when you wager. The first number in the fraction represents the amount you can win relative to the second number. This is the profit that you'll make on top of your original stake. So, for example, 10/1 means that you can win ten times your bet plus your original money line. With decimals, you just have to multiply the number of the odds with your original bet, making it an easy newcomers' choice. This is the easy part though, knowing how to use maths to beat the bookies is what you should be focusing on. First of all, learn how to calculate odds to probabilities in percentages , as this will not only show your chance of winning, but also the bias bookmakers have placed in making the odds in the first place. A good strategy is to make your own odds first and then compare them with those of the bookies. Place your bets on those matches that have the closest odds to your own.

Select the Best Betting Markets and Devise a Winning Strategy

It might take a while until you have your bulletproof betting strategy all sorted, but there are golden rules to follow. First, search for the best-betting markets and don't limit yourself with one sportsbook. A good selection of the top online bookmakers with the best bonuses are offered on every week, so make sure to check those regularly to avoid unpleasant surprises. In general, betting on less popular markets and avoiding the noise of ex-players and commentators defending one team over the another is a good strategy to tap those unexplored opportunities. This is also the case when going for the underdog. It might be counterintuitive, but it pays out in the long run. Finally, keep a record of your past bets and wager only on what you already know. Keep a cool head and stay clear from unnecessary experiments with new teams or bets that don't work for you.