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Top Ten Hockey Video Games of All Time

Hockey is fun to play and watch because of its speedy finesse as well as blood-thirst violence. It requires skill and some sheer brawn to beat your opponent. That's why the game is so appealing, both in the real life and in the digital arena. If you've been dying to watch hockey live, you can pass time by playing its digital equivalent before that big day finally arrives. Besides spending some time familiarizing yourself with 10 fun hockey facts on the web, you should perhaps get down to some real action at Red Flush Online casino. But before this can happen, it's advisable that you check out this list of the top 10 hockey video games of all time.

  • 1 NHL 99

NHL 99 is famous for its incredible opening video. Most hockey fans spent a lot of time playing it because the game was graphically-impressive, and characterized by hard hitting and fast-paced action. It's actually one of the best hockey games that one could get their hands on. You must catch up with the opening video on YouTube if you haven't already.

  • 2 NHL 94

It's among the most beloved and nostalgic hockey game that PC and Nintendo lovers have played. Because of the stunning action that accompanied this game, many players ranked it number one in their list of all time hockey video games. That's because it managed to curve its way into the genre where it stands today.

  • 3 NHL 07

Some people were reported saying that NHL 07 was the reason they acquired an Xbox 360. People loved how this game played. As a matter of fact, it had the best controls ever seen in a hockey video game. The analogue stick control feature redefined how players could control their sticks and skates. It marked the beginning of an era for EA sports, thanks to its amazing graphics and stunning action.

  • 4 NHL 2K2

This is the very first hockey video game that ever made an appearance at Sega Dreamcast. It was also the very first to break the ice in its generation of hockey video games. The game was famed for being authentic. Players also appreciated the gameplay which was described as more methodical. Because of these characteristics, it quickly became a huge hit among PC and xBox users.

  • 5 Wayne Gretsky's hockey game (created in 3D)

You could not play it without first owning a Nintendo 64. But once you had the facility to your disposal, you could play it and feel like it was more of a party than a video game. The game was best played when you had friends visiting you. The features of the video game, such as gollies who change shape after pulling certain moves would ensure that your attention was not diverted elsewhere.

  • 6 NHL Hitz

This one was a blast to play. It featured 5 skaters on both sides. Increasing the number of players would mean increasing mayhem with every hit. Like Wayne Gretsky's hockey game, this one too came with decent power ups and violence.

  • 7 Blades of steel

Blades of steel features 6 on 6 action which is also accompanied by fast-paced gameplay. Even though this game didn't feature authentic teams, the developer saw it fit to include cities and colors that represent reality, and that made it very unique. You can go back in time to play it again if you feel nostalgic.

  • 8 NHL 2K10

The 2 K sports team considered it the last hockey video game to be produced by them. EA's NHL series had outperformed them, and so this was a final attempt to try gaining momentum in the genre. It has decent action as well as some good-looking player models to spruce it up. It never received enough attention, although it still deserves it today.

  • 9 NHL 14

At the time of its production, it was considered the latest hockey video game by NHL franchise. The game was marked by good body physics engine, smooth skating as well as monster hits. If you've never seen what the newest generation of hockey games can offer, NHL 14 is the closest you can get to playing a hockey video game in an icy environment.

  • 10 NHL 12

NHL 12 was the best of the best because it was fun to play. The skating and physics isn't the best part. The best part comes when you are trying to master the analogue stick control in order to make an opponent look foolish. You could have a field day playing it and rising up the levels.

And today, you have a chance to play hockey video games at Red Flush Online Casino. You have the advantage of making money enjoying the game that you really love to play. Give it a shot today and see how it turns out.