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America's Bookie - $5000 NFL Last Man Standing Contest

NFL fans, its finally that time of year again. A great off season it has been but a long one and for many of you; a miserably long one! There isn't a better time to get back on the horse than now. With the preseason in full swing; the regular season will be here just as quickly. With a plethora of sportsbooks to choose from; who can possibly know which one is the best? Don't sweat the small stuff. We have done our homework. We have sorted the good from the bad based on who pays out the quickest, who offers the best bonuses, and who will actually give you a free contest. Yes, free and not just the promise of free. Folks, Americas Bookie is the real deal, the best of the best. They deliver, they keep their promises and they pay quickly.

Sports betting cost a lot of money and everyone wants to strike it rich. When it doesn't go your way, a freebie would be nice every now and then. At Americas Bookie they are offering an absolutely 100% free contest, "NFL Last Man Standing" that pays $1,500. All that is required to enter the contest is a valid email address along with a mobile number. You get to choose one entry per week, playing it straight up. A second contest that they are offering is the "Last Man Standing" that pays $3,500. With minimal deposits, the player earns entries. All entries must be submitted before week 1. What a great way to kick off the season and even earn a nice chunk of cash.

To kick off the season right you have to deposit somewhere. If you are looking for an industry best bonus, then Americas Bookie is the book for you. Why hog tie yourself with huge roll overs. Americas Bookie will work with you. They offer great bonuses with fair roll overs, giving the player leverage, and most of all; allowing for fun. Americas Bookie will go the extra mile to make a bonus plan that works for you.

For those of you that like to post up, collect your winnings and call it a day, Americas Bookie is the leader in the industry for quick and convenient payouts. Simply put; they don't screw around with your money or find ways to keep you on the hook. They pay, and they pay quickly. With many convenient and quick methods of collecting, you can't go wrong here. They offer 1 free payout every 7 days and they will always work with you in order to pay you quickly. Who wants to wait for weeks on end to collect money that is rightfully yours? Trust Americas Bookie, they have your back.

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When you want to deposit to your account, you expect quick and easy. Nothing but convenient and easy is acceptable here. After all, you are giving them your money; it should be easy! Americas Bookie offers many different ways of depositing such as Western Union, (both accept credit cards).

Thankfully football is back. The NFL is back and this is the time of year that every gambler lives for. Make this a fun year by choosing a great sportsbook that will accommodate your needs. Americas Bookie is the real deal.