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How to Bet On Sports - Early MLB Total Line Trends

One of the best ways to bet on MLB games is on the total line if you know how and where to look. Most of the handicapping effort for this type of wager centers around the starting pitcher for each side of a matchup, but hot bats, weather conditions and the home plate umpire can all have a significant impact on total number of runs scored in any game. Before you dive into the details, though, pay attention to any special offers or 2019 promo codes that might be available. These have the effect of making your bankroll last longer and reducing your financial exposure.

The new MLB regular season is almost three weeks old and the early betting trends on a total line bet have slightly favored the UNDER at 50.7 percent. Give credit to the Oddsmakers for this early result when it comes to spreading the money evenly on both sides of this bet.

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Overall trends can be used as a guideline for betting on baseball but correctly predicting the outcome of a single game still comes down to thoroughly analyzing that individual head-to- head matchup. A good starting point is to gain a solid understanding of each team's individual stats, facts and betting trends.

Pittsburgh is at the top of the list in the National League in runs scored through Monday's games with 89 and it just so happens that 10 of its first 16 games have gone OVER the closing total line. When you add in the fact that the Pirates fall all the way to 13 th in the NL in pitching with a team ERA of 4.5, they would become a prime candidate for a total line play on the OVER depending on the other team they are playing.

The Oddsmakers will eventually make the necessary adjustments based on these early results if they persist. However, betting any MLB game comes down to seizing the edge while it exists.

If you are looking for a team to track for a play on the UNDER, Houston sticks out as a good starting point with 12 of its first 17 games staying UNDER the closing line. The defending champs have the best team pitching in the Majors with a staff ERA of 2.71. When it comes to runs scored, the Astros led the AL in 2017 on their way to the World Series title. However, their bats have yet to warm up with the new season with an average of 4.0 runs per game that is ranked sixth in the AL.

Once again, the guys setting the total lines for the game will adjust their numbers downward if these early trends persist, but for now betting the UNDER on Houston games regardless of the opponent has been a profitable venture.

Baseball plays games every single day of the week, so the actual stats, facts and betting trends are always in a state of flux. Therefore, it is very important to keep up to speed with the daily results if you plan to bet on MLB games on a regular basis. When a team plays a 162-game schedule, the results on the total line are bound to look like a roller-coaster ride once the number of games played begin to mount.

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Early season trends can provide a good run if you know when to get off.