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Essential Betting Apps for the National Football League

Best Betting Apps

The start of any pro sports season is a huge deal. The expectations are high, the storylines are established, and fan participation is at its peak. As you already know, the National Football League is the most popular of all US professional sports. So at the start of a new season, there is a lot of media attention and massive businesses.

During this year, the opening night of the NFL season drew in an approximate 28 million television viewers in America alone. Such popularity among the general public means an equal interest in gambling on the sport. However, betting on the National Football League is popular for other reasons. Some of them include the vast amount of stats data making the games quite easier to handicap, the massive amount of time between the games, and the limited number of games each club plays per season. And it can be very hard to find a good bookie since not all of them provide good mobile services, but by clicking here you will find the top gambling applications sorted for you. And this is very helpful when it comes to gambling on NFL games.

However, the sport's popularity across all social channels in the US is a massive contributor to the enormous amount of action on football bets. From uncompromising Dallas Cowboys fans placing $50 per week hoping that Tony Romo will not implode to more professional punters who study the stats and rosters year-round, football betting is a hobby enjoyed by millions of people all over the world. Thanks to the extensive use of phones, the betting apps that were designed to aid NFL fans place clever bets are quite common. It does not matter what your bankroll is, or if you are a newbie or a pro bettor, if you use these completely free apps, you will easily increase your football IQ. Another thing that can help is checking out sites such as for more valuable intel.

Anyway, back to the main theme of this article, here are some details on the best applications related to pro-NFL gambling.

Bovada.LV - Best Sportsbook

Bovada is known as Bodog in Canada and is an online bookie that welcomes punters from the United States. The company has designed their app so that it would be compatible with Windows Phones, iPhones, BlackBerries and of course Android devices like Samsung Galaxy and Sony Z. You can install the app through the browser of any smartphone or tablet.

As you probably would expect from an Americal bookmaker, their focus is placed on basketball, NFL, baseball, and hockey. Their mobile application offers in-play betting, team and player props, plus lines on halftimes, first halves and quarter lines. A vast variety of gambling types are available through the app. This includes futures, teasers, props, and parlays.

SideSport.MOBI - Best Social Betting

Social betting is a brand new buzzword in online gambling. It is at the intersection of social media and professional sports as it allows real-money bets among friends instead of against a bookmaker. New apps of this type are being released all of the time, but this one is currently the best.

This app was released by Blue Ox, and it is the organization's second gambling-related software. The first is called SideBets and is a generalized social betting app, which allows bets-by-game between friends. On the other hand, SideDraft for iPad and iPhone combines parts of fantasy football with a gambling system which includes real-money.

Basically, users have a draft and compete against various opponents each week of the NFL season. Even though SideDraft is still in its infancy, the popularity of social wagers and fantasy sports can make this a brand new way to combine the sports fandom with gambling. Punters who already spend an entire week wondering whether to start RG3 or Russel Wilson in their fantasy league can combine their two pastimes and even earn a little money.

NFL.COM - Best App for News

The most important weapon in your NFL arsenal is an app that delivers game results, statistics, news, and other updates. After all, handicapping is all about knowledge, so finding an app that can deliver important data on the performance of a player, league news, and roster updates will make the task much more convenient. The NFL is certainly an injury-plagued league. Thus, you can use this app to keep up with the injury reports.

The official Mobile app of the National Football League is one of the best for die-hard NFL fans. It helps track stats on a team or an individual, streams interviews and videos from around the league and highlights breaking NFL news. You can set notifications on your favorite athlete if perhaps you want to track how many yards Arian Foster is putting up during a specific week or track the number of passes that were thrown by a particular team's offence. In-app purchases allow you to watch games live on your mobile devices.

SIRI for iOS - Honorable Mention

Siri is possibly the least-known National Football League gambling assistant simply because the app is ever-present. Many punters do not think about it, but if you simply ask Siri questions about the day's league activity may lead to surprisingly quick and excellent results. Millions of punters have this amazing tool at their disposal and just don't realize it.

Through Siri, you can find out more about the various gambling odds on upcoming events, weather reports, players stats, and game schedules and times. All of this information is essential to a clever betting program, and it is available for free to all iOS users.