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Today's Sides
Today's Sides
Today's Totals
Today's Totals
College Basketball Computer Picks--Today's Sides
Computer Favorite By Computer Underdog Line Favorite By Line Underdog RECOMMENDED
Score Result SU Result ATS
 at Rutgers 18.0 East Carolina at Rutgers 12.0 East Carolina Rutgers -------
 at Utah State 5.5 Northeastern at Utah State (neutral site) 2.0 Northeastern Utah State -------
 at Cornell 1.0 Toledo Toledo 6.0 at Cornell Cornell -------
 at Indiana 15.0 Eastern Michigan at Indiana 8.0 Eastern Michigan Indiana -------
 at Georgia Tech 20.5 North Texas at Georgia Tech 18.0 North Texas Georgia Tech -------
 at South Florida 1.0 Arkansas State Arkansas State PK at South Florida South Florida -------
 at Kansas 24.5 Oakland at Kansas 19.5 Oakland Kansas -------
 at Texas A&M 37.5 Pepperdine at Texas A&M 30.5 Pepperdine Texas A&M -------
 at Wisconsin 17.0 Wisconsin Milwaukee at Wisconsin 16.5 Wisconsin Milwaukee Wisconsin -------
 at Hawaii 20.0 Nevada Nevada 12.0 at Hawaii -------
 Tennessee Tech 1.5 at Nebraska-Omaha Tennessee Tech 4.0 at Nebraska-Omaha (neutral site) Nebraska-Omaha -------
 at Maryland Eastern Shore 3.5 Jackson State at Maryland Eastern Shore (neutral site) NL Jackson State -------
 at Niagara 17.5 Alabama A&M at Niagara NL Alabama A&M -------
 at Texas Arlington 16.5 Western Carolina at Texas Arlington (neutral site) 16.0 Western Carolina Texas Arlington -------
 at Navy 6.0 St Francis NY at Navy (neutral site) NL St Francis NY -------
 Jacksonville 5.0 at Fairfield at Fairfield (neutral site) 8.5 Jacksonville -------
 at Wright State 15.0 Gardner Webb at Wright State 4.0 Gardner Webb -------
 Loyola Chicago 5.0 at UNC Wilmington Loyola Chicago 4.0 at UNC Wilmington (neutral site) Loyola Chicago -------
 at Valparaiso 4.0 Kent at Valparaiso (neutral site) 7.0 Kent Kent -------
 at TCU 15.0 New Mexico at TCU (neutral site) 17.5 New Mexico New Mexico -------
 St Bonaventure 2.0 at Maryland at Maryland (neutral site) 8.5 St Bonaventure -------
 at South Dakota 1.0 Southern Miss at South Dakota (neutral site) 11.0 Southern Miss Southern Miss -------
 at Youngstown State 1.5 Northern Colorado Northern Colorado 3.5 at Youngstown State (neutral site) Youngstown State -------
 at Minnesota 2.0 Massachusetts at Minnesota (neutral site) 15.0 Massachusetts -------
 at Alabama 14.0 Brigham Young at Alabama (neutral site) 7.0 Brigham Young Alabama -------
 at Pacific 8.0 Arkansas Pine Bluff at Pacific 16.0 Arkansas Pine Bluff Arkansas Pine Bluff -------
 at Texas State 12.5 Canisius at Texas State (neutral site) 1.0 Canisius -------
 Cal Poly SLO 4.5 at Central Michigan Cal Poly SLO PK at Central Michigan (neutral site) Cal Poly SLO -------
 at Cal State Bakersfield 12.0 Idaho Idaho 2.0 at Cal State Bakersfield -------
 at Penn State 22.5 Oral Roberts at Penn State 21.5 Oral Roberts Penn State -------
 at Florida State 20.0 Citadel at Florida State 29.0 Citadel Citadel -------
 at Wake Forest 13.0 UNC Greensboro at Wake Forest 6.0 UNC Greensboro Wake Forest -------
 at Utah 16.0 Eastern Washington at Utah 15.0 Eastern Washington Utah -------
 at Auburn 19.5 Winthrop at Auburn 14.5 Winthrop Auburn -------
 at Gonzaga 1.5 Ohio State at Gonzaga (neutral site) NL Ohio State 86-59 WON
 at Butler 5.0 Portland State at Butler (neutral site) NL Portland State -------
 at Samford 16.0 SE Louisiana at Samford NL SE Louisiana -------
 at Cal Santa Barbara 21.0 Prairie View at Cal Santa Barbara NL Prairie View -------
 at Cal State Fullerton 19.0 Sacramento State at Cal State Fullerton NL Sacramento State -------
 at Northwestern 22.5 Sacred Heart at Northwestern NL Sacred Heart -------
 at Arizona 1.0 Purdue at Arizona (neutral site) NL Purdue -------
 at Washington 20.0 Seattle at Washington NL Seattle -------
 at Seton Hall 3.5 Vanderbilt at Seton Hall (neutral site) NL Vanderbilt -------
 USC Upstate 2.5 at Bowling Green at Bowling Green (neutral site) NL USC Upstate -------
 at Nicholls State 10.0 UMBC at Nicholls State NL UMBC -------
 Villanova 5.0 at Northern Iowa at Northern Iowa (neutral site) NL Villanova -------
 Xavier 6.5 at Arizona State at Arizona State (neutral site) NL Xavier -------
 at Southern Methodist 3.0 Western Kentucky at Southern Methodist (neutral site) NL Western Kentucky -------
 at Rhode Island 2.0 Virginia at Rhode Island (neutral site) NL Virginia -------
 at Washington State 6.0 St Marys California at Washington State (neutral site) NL St Marys California -------
 at Louisville 23.0 St Francis PA at Louisville NL St Francis PA -------
 at New Orleans NL Spring Hill at New Orleans NL Spring Hill -------
 Stanford 2.0 at Ohio State at Ohio State (neutral site) NL Stanford -------
 at Clemson 20.0 Texas Southern at Clemson NL Texas Southern -------
 at Texas San Antonio 18.0 Texas A&M Corpus Christi at Texas San Antonio NL Texas A&M Corpus Christi -------
 Tennessee 3.5 at North Carolina State at North Carolina State (neutral site) NL Tennessee -------
 at Oklahoma 15.5 Portland at Oklahoma (neutral site) NL Portland -------
 at Missouri State NL Unlisted Teams at Missouri State NL Unlisted Teams -------
 Duke 3.5 at Texas at Texas (neutral site) NL Duke -------
 at Florida Gulf Coast 24.5 Denver at Florida Gulf Coast NL Denver -------
 Florida 12.5 at Gonzaga at Gonzaga (neutral site) NL Florida -------
 at Kansas State 1.5 George Washington at Kansas State (neutral site) NL George Washington -------
 at Eastern Illinois NL Unlisted Teams at Eastern Illinois NL Unlisted Teams -------
 at Wisconsin Green Bay 15.0 Florida A&M at Wisconsin Green Bay NL Florida A&M -------
 at Michigan State 8.5 Connecticut at Michigan State (neutral site) NL Connecticut -------
 at Campbell 16.5 Abilene Christian at Campbell NL Abilene Christian -------
 at Alaska NL Santa Clara at Alaska NL Santa Clara 76-73
 San Diego State 2.0 at Sacramento State at Sacramento State (neutral site) NL San Diego State 89-52 WON
 at Hartford 18.5 Bryant at Hartford NL Bryant -------
 Chicago State 1.0 at Presbyterian College at Presbyterian College (neutral site) NL Chicago State -------
 at West Virginia 5.0 Central Florida at West Virginia (neutral site) NL Central Florida -------
 at Cleveland State 18.5 Central Connecticut State at Cleveland State NL Central Connecticut State -------
 Norfolk State 3.5 at Robert Morris at Robert Morris (neutral site) NL Norfolk State -------
 at Furman 1.5 New Hampshire at Furman (neutral site) NL New Hampshire -------
 Nebraska 8.5 at Marist at Marist (neutral site) NL Nebraska -------
 at Arkansas 1.0 North Carolina at Arkansas (neutral site) NL North Carolina -------
 Oregon 5.5 at DePaul at DePaul (neutral site) NL Oregon -------
 at Colorado State 11.5 Northwestern State at Colorado State NL Northwestern State -------
 at UC Irvine 3.5 Northern Arizona at UC Irvine (neutral site) NL Northern Arizona -------
 at Illinois 14.5 North Carolina Central at Illinois NL North Carolina Central -------
 at St Josephs 12.5 Harvard at St Josephs (neutral site) NL Harvard -------
 at Rider 1.0 Hampton at Rider (neutral site) NL Hampton -------
 Georgia 6.0 at San Diego State at San Diego State (neutral site) NL Georgia -------
 at Charlotte 16.0 High Point at Charlotte NL High Point -------
 at Ohio 13.5 Mount St Marys at Ohio NL Mount St Marys -------
 Missouri 4.0 at St Johns at St Johns (neutral site) NL Missouri -------
 Long Beach State 3.0 at Oregon State at Oregon State (neutral site) NL Long Beach State -------
 Results 2-0-0 0-0-0
College Basketball Computer Picks--Today's Totals
Over Under
 East Carolina Rutgers 137.5 152.0 ----
 Northeastern Utah State (neutral site) 138.5 148.0 Over ----
 Toledo Cornell 153.5 147.0 ----
 Eastern Michigan Indiana 152.0 149.5 ----
 North Texas Georgia Tech 139.0 146.0 Over ----
 Arkansas State South Florida 137.0 147.5 ----
 Oakland Kansas 156.5 159.0 ----
 Pepperdine Texas A&M 148.0 151.5 ----
 Wisconsin Milwaukee Wisconsin 129.0 155.5 ----
 Nevada Hawaii 153.0 152.0 ----
 Tennessee Tech Nebraska-Omaha (neutral site) 172.5 156.5 ----
 Jackson State Maryland Eastern Shore (neutral site) NL 138.5 ----
 Alabama A&M Niagara NL 151.0 ----
 Western Carolina Texas Arlington (neutral site) 153.5 150.5 ----
 St Francis NY Navy (neutral site) NL 147.5 ----
 Jacksonville Fairfield (neutral site) 150.0 160.0 ----
 Gardner Webb Wright State 148.5 158.5 ----
 Loyola Chicago UNC Wilmington (neutral site) 148.5 149.0 ----
 Kent Valparaiso (neutral site) 146.0 149.0 ----
 New Mexico TCU (neutral site) 162.0 154.5 Under ----
 St Bonaventure Maryland (neutral site) 148.0 145.0 ----
 Southern Miss South Dakota (neutral site) 142.0 154.0 ----
 Northern Colorado Youngstown State (neutral site) 167.5 152.5 ----
 Massachusetts Minnesota (neutral site) 151.0 148.0 ----
 Brigham Young Alabama (neutral site) 151.5 148.5 ----
 Arkansas Pine Bluff Pacific 135.0 146.5 ----
 Canisius Texas State (neutral site) 141.0 156.0 ----
 Cal Poly SLO Central Michigan (neutral site) 150.0 149.0 ----
 Idaho Cal State Bakersfield 135.5 150.5 ----
 Oral Roberts Penn State 149.5 156.5 Over ----
 Citadel Florida State 187.5 146.0 ----
 UNC Greensboro Wake Forest 149.5 146.5 ----
 Eastern Washington Utah 146.5 145.5 ----
 Winthrop Auburn NL 153.5 ----
 Ohio State Gonzaga (neutral site) NL 153.5 145
 Portland State Butler (neutral site) NL 152.5 ----
 SE Louisiana Samford NL 153.0 ----
 Prairie View Cal Santa Barbara NL 148.0 ----
 Sacramento State Cal State Fullerton NL 152.0 ----
 Sacred Heart Northwestern NL 155.0 ----
 Purdue Arizona (neutral site) NL 151.0 ----
 Seattle Washington NL 144.0 ----
 Vanderbilt Seton Hall (neutral site) NL 151.0 ----
 USC Upstate Bowling Green (neutral site) NL 152.5 ----
 UMBC Nicholls State NL 153.0 ----
 Villanova Northern Iowa (neutral site) NL 148.5 ----
 Xavier Arizona State (neutral site) NL 147.5 ----
 Western Kentucky Southern Methodist (neutral site) NL 149.5 ----
 Virginia Rhode Island (neutral site) NL 141.0 ----
 St Marys California Washington State (neutral site) NL 145.0 ----
 St Francis PA Louisville NL 148.5 ----
 Spring Hill New Orleans NL NL ----
 Stanford Ohio State (neutral site) NL 148.5 ----
 Texas Southern Clemson NL 140.0 ----
 Texas A&M Corpus Christi Texas San Antonio NL 154.0 ----
 Tennessee North Carolina State (neutral site) NL 143.0 ----
 Portland Oklahoma (neutral site) NL 158.5 ----
 Unlisted Teams Missouri State NL NL ----
 Duke Texas (neutral site) NL 154.5 ----
 Denver Florida Gulf Coast NL 158.0 ----
 Florida Gonzaga (neutral site) NL 149.0 ----
 George Washington Kansas State (neutral site) NL 150.0 ----
 Unlisted Teams Eastern Illinois NL NL ----
 Florida A&M Wisconsin Green Bay NL 145.5 ----
 Connecticut Michigan State (neutral site) NL 149.5 ----
 Abilene Christian Campbell NL 159.0 ----
 Santa Clara Alaska NL NL 149
 San Diego State Sacramento State (neutral site) NL 148.0 141
 Bryant Hartford NL 152.0 ----
 Chicago State Presbyterian College (neutral site) NL 152.5 ----
 Central Florida West Virginia (neutral site) NL 155.5 ----
 Central Connecticut State Cleveland State NL 154.5 ----
 Norfolk State Robert Morris (neutral site) NL 146.0 ----
 New Hampshire Furman (neutral site) NL 152.0 ----
 Nebraska Marist (neutral site) NL 158.0 ----
 North Carolina Arkansas (neutral site) NL 144.5 ----
 Oregon DePaul (neutral site) NL 147.5 ----
 Northwestern State Colorado State NL 151.0 ----
 Northern Arizona UC Irvine (neutral site) NL 151.0 ----
 North Carolina Central Illinois NL 148.5 ----
 Harvard St Josephs (neutral site) NL 143.5 ----
 Hampton Rider (neutral site) NL 150.5 ----
 Georgia San Diego State (neutral site) NL 147.5 ----
 High Point Charlotte NL 159.0 ----
 Mount St Marys Ohio NL 150.0 ----
 Missouri St Johns (neutral site) NL 150.0 ----
 Long Beach State Oregon State (neutral site) NL 147.0 ----
 Results 0-0-0