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The most fun jungle themed slot machines

Admit it, we all love the wild action that a jungle themed slot machine gives us, its a safari type experience that can also make us rich, can it get any better? There are tons of these slots, and all of them have their own charm, but in this article we are going to tell you which ones are the most fun to play in. Feel free to disagree!

Heart of the jungle

This exciting slot is a creation of Ash Gaming, and amazing game developer that was bought by Playtech but still has the essence that made it famous in the first place. In this game we find the usual bonus features but it comes with a twist, your goal is to advance through various levels of free spin modes in order to get all the rewards. The graphics are very beautiful and are a visual delight, they highlight the main characters that include animals like an elephant, a leopard, a monkey, and two humans that seem to be adapted to the jungle life. The rest of the symbols are the traditional high cards. Give this awesome slot machine, its definitely worth it.

Mega Moolah

This slot machine is one of our personal favorites because it is appealing to rookie and seasoned veterans alike, its that good. Our pals back in Microgaming are the creators of Mega Moolah and thought of this game as the first of a new wave of slots that include amazing and lucrative progressive jackpots that we can win in various ways. The theme is a cartoon style jungle, this gives the game an extra dose of fun, and the characters of the slot are wacky jungle animals. The rest of the symbols are the classic high value cards. The free spins bonus is a very attractive aspect of the game and can make you win a lot of money. Go check it out for yourself, play mega moolah at

So there you have it, our favorite jungle themed slot machines. These two slots are so good that you will feel like you are playing in Las Vegas. There are lots of slots with a similar thematic, but the just can beat these two, but hey, that is only our opinion. What do you think? Which ones are your personal favorites? Remember, it is always about having a nice time when you play slots, play responsible.