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The NBA Finals odds for Turkish players

The NBA Finals odds for Turkish players The NBA is the world's most important basketball league and it's not a secret why, the sport was created in the United States and American players are the best ever step in a court. But that doesn4t mean other countries don't have the talent to shine in the NBA, ballers from all over the world have excelled and made their mark.

Since the turn of the millennium Turkey is a nation that constantly supplies the NBA with premier talent, some of these great players include: Semih Erden, Ibrahim Kutluay, Mehmet Okur, Furkan Aldemir, Mirsad T|rkcan, Hedo T|rkoglu. Hedo was the first Turkish player to appear in the NBA, he was selected in the NBA 2000 Draft by the Sacramento Kings and had an impressive career.

Today's NBA has three active Turkish players: Vmer Asik, Ersan Ilyasova, and Enes Kanter. They have consolidated the image and reputation of their nation's basketball, but is there a chance that we can see any of them in next year's NBA Finals? Online betting has the answer as we4ll check the odds to see who is the closest to the NBA Title.

3. - Ersan Ilyasova

Ilyasova plays power forward for the Atlanta Hawks and has become a steady contributor in for the teams he has played in. Last season he was traded at mid-season from Philadelphia to Atlanta and averaged double digit scoring for both teams. As of now his team is a long shot to make an appearance in the finals, with odds of 200/1 it seems like mission impossible even in the talent deprived Eastern Conference.

2. - Vmer Asik

Asik is an NBA veteran who plays center for the New Orleans Pelicans. "The Turkish Hammer" started his NBA career with the Chicago Bulls in 2010, and in 2012 was signed to an offer sheet by the Houston Rockets. The Bulls decided not to match and Asik became a Rocket. Two years later he was traded to the Pelicans where he spends most of the time in the bench. The Pelicans odds are 66/1.

1. - Enes Kanter

Without a doubt Kanter is the Turkish player in better position to win an NBA Title in this moment. Kanter was selected third overall in the 2011 NBA Draft by the Utah Jazz and he's had a pretty solid career up till now. He was traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder in 2015 and has been an important contributor. The Thunder received a direct blow to their title hopes in 2016 with the departure of Kevin Durant to the Golden State Warriors, but they recently made a trade and got Paul George in return to help Russell Westbrook win the West. The Thunder's odds are 40/1.