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Valley Sports Recommended Handicapping Services

Valley Sports is a handicapping service that's been around for over two decades and has built a name on being a reputable and quality service to its clients during that time. Due to our experience in the industry and quality service, we've garnered the respect of our fellow handicapping services and provide support to those dedicated to providing genuine, winning sports information to the betting public.

Taking a look at the list of some of the handicapping services that Valley Sports recommends and you'll notice a lot of big names and quality services that have already gained their own acclaim for their quality handicapping picks and customer service.

The first service listed is no surprise, Doc's Sports. Doc's has been around seemingly since the birth of online sports gambling. They're recognized as a high quality service with documented picks and handicappers. Like a lot of the reputable online handicappers, you get what you pay for. They have something for everyone from cheap, single picks, to more premium packages for their larger scale players.

Next on Valley Sports' list is Initially the website thrusts you back into the 80s with that retro web interface design to their site, but their picks and all around service are top quality in the handicapping world. Capper Access offers free promotional picks for first time players to try out for themselves with no upfront financial obligation.

When you think of decades of consistently winning and cashing in million dollar tickets only two names come to mind. The first is Billy Walters who doesn't currently sell any of his picks and the other is Jon Price who lends his name and betting advice to who specializes in helping amateur bettors to become professionals. This sports betting service provides expert betting tips for professional Football and Basketball and alternative run line bets for baseball. The service also finished number one for professional handicappers in the Las Vegas Super Contest. is next on the list of their recommended handicappers. Similar to, don't be scared away by the retro design of their online experience. It doesn't fall in line with the modern-look and feel of so many other handicappers, but what they lack in modern design principals, they make up for with quality winning picks from their handicappers. With daily picks from every current major, professional and college sport, is packed full of plenty of options for both the common sports bettors, as well as the biggest betting wales.

Kelly's Picks also make the list for reputable sports picking services. His website called Pick the Pros is mostly geared towards basketball and football picks, both from college and the pro ranks. They are not strictly a handicapping service, as they also offer a number of contests with cash prizes to their followers and clients.

National Sports Advisors, or NSA for short, is a small handicapping service also featured by Valley Sports. Generally they focus on America's four major professional sports, along with their college counterparts. They offer single daily picks for first time buyers or new players, and they also provide more thorough options for seasoned bettors who wish to play higher stakes wagers.

Whatever source you choose to go with, it's a good idea to shop around some. Many of these reputable services offer free pick samples for first time buyers, which is a great way for you to get in the door and try a service before committing any money. Check out Valley Sports today, and their recommended sports handicapping services and start winning your daily sports wagers today.