Valley Sports Membership Policies

Valley Sports Membership Policies and Questions

Revised 8-30-2006

  • Valley Sports usually has selections posted daily as long as games are scheduled. We rarely miss a day of posting unless there are technical problems beyond our control. If you do miss a day or days of service we will always adjust your subscription for all missed days.

  • In the event of an unforeseen emergency, we will contact all members as soon as possible and as stated above we will adjust your membership. In the event your membership expires during a down time, just Contact Us with your username and we will set you back up right away.

  • We will always try to respond to your email questions as soon as possible, but be aware that sometimes your email can be delayed due to network problems or such. If our email service is down, we will contact you as soon as possible upon it being restored.

  • If you are having login problems, please be sure your are typing in the username and password exactly as it was set up. They are case sensitive. Please do not copy and paste as sometimes this causes extra spaces to be added and it will not recognize a valid username and/or password. If you Contact Us about a login issue, please include your username.

  • Occasionally we will take holidays and vacations where we will not update. We will use this time to do any upgrades we need as well as allow our staff time with their families. Members will be informed of the number of days to be missed as much in advance as possible and their time will be adjusted. This info will always be posted in the member area as well. This is a new policy beginning 12-01-01. We do not anticipate this happening but two to three times a year if that much. We anticipate this will only affect Basketball and Baseball and NOT Football. In any event, any scheduled downtime will be kept as short as possible.

  • We offer no guarantees, either expressed or implied, unless stated at signup or with posted picks. In adition to picks, our member content also has other stats and such that are of value. We do feel that based on all sports for a full year you will win with our picks if you play them exactly as posted but nothing is guaranteed. Any honest service or knowledgeable bettor will tell you they are no locks or can't lose picks. We have subscribers that have been with us for as long as 6 years on a continuing basis. We feel that speaks for itself. If you are looking for a 10,000 star locks and such, you need to look elsewhere. We do not have them. No refunds issued unless we are unable to deliver your purchased picks and/or content. Any Refund will be pro-rated on time remaining. Alternately we may give customers an extension if agreed to. All requests are evaluated on an individual basis. To view our records go Here.

  • NOTE: Please Be Advised that Sharing your login with other people or Posting our members selections on forims or message boards without permission will result in cancellation of your account with no refund. There will be no warnings!

If you have questions or comments please Contact Us